Sorry Google, I think the Moto X will flop

No, I don’t have a crystal ball, nor am I a self-proclaimed expert in the topic, but have you ever had one of those moments where a product just doesn’t make sense? When Microsoft announced both the Surface RT and the Surface Pro, I knew the RT would flop, simply because of its lack of a solid ecosystem when compared to the Pro or any other tablet in the market. The same happened with the HTC First, since hey, why would you feel a need to buy an HTC First if you could get Facebook Home on last-year’s Galaxy S III for the same price? Sadly, just like with these two other products, I do believe the Moto X will flop.

Certain products are either too little, too late, and there are even cases where products are just ahead so ahead of their time that the market isn’t ready to leave their current investment or comfort zone in order to adopt a new paradigm. In other cases, certain companies have trashed their brand so much that regardless of what they do to pick themselves up, the market won’t trust them any more, which was the case of Palm in the hands of HP.

So now we have Motorola. It’s a Google company, sure. Some of my favorite Android smartphones were all Nexus devices, sure. Some of my favorite cellphones of all time have been Motorola, correct. I love the Motorola call quality, the Nano-coating, the battery life, and even the Kevlar design of their RAZR line-up. So, if I love both these companies so much, why do I feel that the Moto X will flop? Let me share my thoughts:

Bad timing – Too much hype

short-moto-x-adLet’s be honest here, the Moto X is the textbook definition of the word “Controlled Leak”. There’s just no way around the fact that both Google and Motorola did everything they could to keep the market on the edge of their seat over this super phone to-be. There was so much high expectation over this device, so many rumors, and so little evidence, that I frankly decided to not cover it for weeks in Pocketnow Daily, simply because the rumors were already boring.

So, I’m going to ask you all a very simple question: How many of you actually waited for this phone after the Galaxy S 4 was launched? I’ll add another question to the mix: How many of you will consider this phone if you know that the next iPhone and Galaxy Note will be launched in the next two months?

The timing of this device is terrible, the amount of hype generated around it is also against it, and the fact that the device didn’t meet the expectations of anybody in the media will only make matters worse. Add to that the fact that if you want a wooden model, you’ll have to wait for some day within Q4 when every other hot phone will be launched, and forget it!

Too expensive for today’s market

wood-motoxOk, so Android smartphones are sadly right now going through a 70s phase for the automobile. Back then; gas prices were so low that every company fought the battle of the biggest, most guzzling engine on the market. If you weren’t riding a V8 Pontiac Grand Prix with a 5.5-liter engine, you were simply out of style. Obviously vehicles were all priced to compete hand-in-hand just as well as they were built.

I’m sure that one day we’ll have the “hybrid-smartphone” era, whenever somebody get’s to figure out how to show us the benefits of a month of battery life when they pull it off, but for now, this concept doesn’t exist. Right now, people are not willing to pay $200 plus a two-year contract; if they’re not getting the latest and greatest screamer that the market has to offer. Blame Samsung and HTC for that mentality.

I’m sure that Motorola and all their X8 technology will land some eyes here and there, but the 2013 mass market wants a Camaro for the price of the Camaro. Simple as that.

The bottom line – Wait for the Moto X2

Now please, don’t get me wrong, I think the Moto X will flop, but I don’t want it to. I actually want one. I’m not obsessed with a processor as much as I am with a phone that I can call upon on my desk. I’m not as obsessed over a 1080p display if I can get better battery life. I don’t care about color, or wood materials, nor any of the things that Motorola thinks the “mass market” wants. Surely I could be wrong, and everybody has simply forgotten to tell me that they’ve always dreamed about a wooden phone. Still, judging by the fact that nobody is jumping in the air over this option just makes me believe that nobody wants it.

All this said, all these ideas will make the Moto X2 a hot phone if Google is willing to wait. I’m sure you’ll all give me the “$500 million in marketing” excuse to assume this phone will sell like hot cakes, but how did that work out for the Microsoft Surface RT? Sometimes, marketing is not enough if the product can’t sell itself.

What about you? Do you think the Moto X will sell or flop? Do you think my points are incorrect or am I missing something? Leave us a comment.

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