You asked for it, and no amount of pithy pre-roll pedantry is going to keep you from the magic. So ignore all this text and hop on down to our newest comparison featuring the latest and greatest deluxe smartphones from two major manufacturers: Moto X vs HTC One (Google Play Edition) is here!

Or, if you’re not the type to blow past carefully-crafted intro text all willy-nilly, here’s a little pre-comparison scoop on what we’ll be taking a look at today. As you know, we went hands-on with the Moto X yesterday at Google’s NYC launch event, and it was awesome. Shorty thereafter, following a quick detour to check out some even-more-awesome wooden variants of the X, we unboxed our very own review unit, and it’s been crowding our Friday night social plans warming our geeky little hearts ever since.

Snips about late-night workdays aside, we’re genuinely stoked to have this phone and we’re really enjoying putting it through its paces. But the fact remains that we’ve only had this sucker for a day, so we can only compare so much, right?

Well, yes – and no. Because while we have yet to draw a bead on things like the Moto X’s battery life and software personality, among other things, we sure do know a lot about the specs driving it, and Motorola’s intention behind those specs. Pair that with our pretty sick knowledge base on the HTC One, and we’ve got a very cool versus scenario, don’t ya think? So join us as we compare these devices in terms of their build quality, internal hardware, software features, camera output, voice and data performance, and the all-important speakerphone test, after the break. And then have a great weekend thinking about which of these stock-Android smartphones you’d rather have in your own pocket (now).


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