Moto X Pure Edition starts at $300 after $100 discount for the next three days

Deemed “the most giftable smartphone of 2015” even back when it was available at list price, the Motorola Moto X Pure Edition, aka Moto X Style, has been treated to surprisingly many deals lately, especially in Moto 360 bundles.

By itself, the now Marshmallow-powered 5.7-inch handheld commanded a reduced tag of $350 at one point with 32GB internal storage space, and $400 very recently in a 64GB configuration.

Naturally, it’s time the “entry-level” 16GB variant finally scores its own compelling discount, going down from $400 to just $300 at Motorola, Amazon and Best Buy. According to the device manufacturer, the marked down price will expire on Thursday, March 17, though the two third-party retailers could well prolong the deal if they have enough inventory left in three days.

But there’s a good reason why you should hurry and try to pick up the Moto X Pure Edition from its OEM, namely the freedom to choose whatever front, frame, back and accent design you please. You can start with a white and silver or black and dark gray face/frame combination, then add raspberry, cabernet or turquoise on the rear cover, and lastly, metallic lemon lime, red, pink or royal blue accents.

Meanwhile, both Best Buy and Amazon keep you restricted to standard black or bamboo models. Either way, you get microSD card slots to expand the minimal on-board hoarding room, a Quad HD display, hexa-core Snapdragon 808 power, 3GB RAM, 21 and 5MP cameras, and 3,000 mAh battery juice.

The 32GB version is also discounted, but only by $50 to $400, and the 64GB-er isn’t really worth $500. You know what to do.

Sources: Motorola, Amazon, Best Buy

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