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Moto X Pure Edition sounds like it may have some speaker problems

By Stephen Schenck September 15, 2015, 10:18 am

The Moto X Pure Edition is rolling off the Moto Maker assembly line and into the hands of new owners now – we’ve already gotten our hands on ours, and have brought you both an unboxing video and a preview of its camera capabilities, in advance of our full review. But as more users are getting a chance to really start interacting with the phone, a growing number of reports points to potential trouble with the hardware, and specifically a top speaker that’s blowing-out or otherwise distorting audio at high volumes.

Now, to be fair, we haven’t noticed this with our own Moto X Pure Edition, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening; users online report “crackling” or “rattling” effects from the phone’s top speaker in specific (the bottom speaker appears to be unaffected), with the most noticeable distortion occurring the louder things get – ringtones are supposed to be especially bad.


There’s some evidence this could be a software issue – users have suggested disabling the phone’s “audio effects” option, but that doesn’t appear to be a complete solution. And separate reports of audio skipping when moving from portrait to landscape mode certainly sound like a software problem. But considering how not all new Moto X Pure Edition owners seem to be running into this behavior, we wonder if there’s not a hardware component at play as well – maybe a bad batch of speaker drivers is out there somewhere. So far, Motorola has yet to formally respond to user complaints, though we understand the company has been made aware of these reports.

Source: Motorola forums
Via: Android Guys


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