What’s the only thing better than bringing home a new smartphone that’s simply jam-packed with features? Finding out that it’s capable of even more than you expected, that’s what, especially if that means stumbling across some hidden hardware. We’ve been putting the new Moto X Pure Edition through its paces since getting our hands on the phone last week, and wouldn’t you know it, but it turns out this Motorola handset is hiding a little notification LED under its top speaker grille.

Motorola’s no stranger to the LED-behind-the-earpiece game, and we saw a similar arrangement pop up last year with the Nexus 6 (to say nothing of countless other Motorola phones).

So what’s the point of this little guy? No, it’s not going to start pulsing when you’ve got some text messages to respond to (well, at least not without some custom software). As far as we can tell, there’s just one situation that triggers the light: you’ll briefly see it illuminate when attempting to charge a Moto X Pure Edition whose battery is completely spent. Basically, it appears to be the phone’s way of letting you know “yes, I’m charging” even when there’s not enough juice to give you an on-screen indication.

In the end, this isn’t something likely to sway your phone-buying decisions one way or the other, but it’s still a neat little extra that some of you new Moto X Pure Edition owners might want to keep an eye out for.

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