Moto X custom options explained: colors, engraving

Yesterday, with the release of the first advertisement for Motorola’s Moto X Android, we started thinking once again about those dormant rumors that circled the phone during its earlier “X phone” days, suggesting that Motorola would sell the handset with some degree of user-selectable custom hardware. While the ad copy certainly alluded to this idea, it was light on details, and we were left wondering if this would just be the big selection of color options we heard rumored, or possibly something more involved. Well, as we wait for the phone’s official launch, some new sources are attempting to describe just how this custom business will work.

Some of those really early rumors talked about things like choices of RAM or maybe even display options – more recently, that’s sounded a lot less likely, and today’s leak further confirms those suspicions: this is going to just be about the facade.

Supposedly, users will have a wide selection of colors to choose from when placing their orders, and more than just choosing a single tone for the handset, will be able to select a separate trim color.

That could be nice, depending on the number of options available, but it’s still a long way removed from the dreams of fully custom hardware these rumors inspired. The rest of the Moto X options sound even more pedestrian: shoppers will be able to have their handsets personally engraved, and for users too lazy to set their own wallpaper, they’ll be able to send a photo to Motorola in advance and have the phone arrive with it already set up.

In all honesty, that’s very much in the realm of what we had come to expect, and even if it feels like a letdown, it’s still a bit better-sounding than the cookie-cutter phones most OEMs churn out.

There’s one other item of note attached to this news: these sources claim the Moto X will arrive running Android 4.2.2. So much for those 4.3 theories, perhaps?

Source: ABC News
Via: Android Central

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