Holy crap. We know that Motorola, with the pared-down, close-to-pure-Android experience it’s been delivering for its latest smartphones has been one of the leaders of the pack when it comes to getting out Android system updates, but this… this? Overnight we shared with you news that a rather polished-looking Android 5.0 build for the 2014 Moto X had leaked, suggesting that Motorola wasn’t too far off from formally releasing an update to the public. That might have had you thinking that you could expect the software to land sometime in the next few weeks, but Motorola has managed to really outdo itself, and tonight we see the manufacturer already confirm availability of the Moto X’s Lollipop update.

A support page on Motorola’s site spells it right out: “We are excited to announce a new software update for Moto X (2nd Generation) by Motorola. This update brings Android 5.0 Lollipop to your phone along with other improvements.”

So where’s your update? Well, it looks like this is still in the soak test phase, with a limited number of Moto X users who opted-in getting early access, and it may also only be for the unlocked Pure Edition. But even if it’s only available in limited form, this is still an Android 5.0 update that’s on its way out to users now, and doing so before Google’s managed to release updates for its own Nexus devices.

Well done, Motorola. Well done.

Update: This year’s Moto G looks like it’s about to get some Lollipop action of its own.

Update 2: The support page on Motorola’s servers (the source link below) has been pulled. We’ve preserved the Moto G one, in case that’s about to come down, too:


Source: Motorola, Lucas Freeman (Google+)
Via: Phandroid

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