We’re nearing zero-hour for the Moto X launch, and with August 1 creeping up on us in under a week, it’s almost time to get the full story on the Android smartphone that’s been the subject of rumors for months on end. Before that day comes, we still have a few last-minute developments to check out, with a couple new rumors arriving about the phone’s hardware.

This data comes from Taylor Wimberly’s Google+ account – you might remember that he previously leaked info about the phone’s customization options, as well as broke the news on the RGBC clear pixel camera we ultimately saw Motorola adopt for its new Droid models (and will almost certainly be in the Moto X, as well).

First up, he reports that the Moto X will have dual LTE MIMO “Smart Antennas” for superior 4G performance. All told, the phone should have these two LTE antennas, a combo 2G/3G antenna, one for GPS, and one for WiFi and Bluetooth. As for the phone’s internal construction, he mentions a laminated aluminum structure for optimizing the hardware’s strength-to-weight ratio.

He also looks a little at the phone’s display, and says we’ll be seeing what Motorola calls its “Moto Magic Glass,” consisting of Gorilla Glass that seamlessly blends into the the phone’s facade thanks to the use of a special polymer. It’s a little hard to follow from his description, and the pictures don’t reveal much to help, but it’s something we’ll be looking to hear more about next week.

moto-x-w1 moto-x-w2

Source: Taylor Wimberly (Google+) 1, 2, 3
Via: Droid-life

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