It’s hard to remember a time when we’ve seen a phone leaked so much, and for so long, in order to create the amount of anticipation that exists behind the Moto X. Some of us are even worried that the device will not live-up to the amount of hype that’s been created in the media over the last couple of months, and we won’t deny that some of us even believed this phone would never see the light of day. Still, the waiting days are finally over.

Google’s Moto X event happens tomorrow, and in a very peculiar fashion. Our own Michael Fisher will be in New York City for our usual round of hands-on videos, but there won’t be a press event or even a live stream to announce the device.

Don’t worry though; we’ve got you covered. Michael will do us all the favor of filming each and every millimeter of this phone, and then we will all have an Editorial Roundtable tomorrow, August 1st at 4:30PM Eastern, where Michael will join us to talk about his experience with the device and also answer as many questions as he can from your comments on this post.

There’s no denying that even with Motorola’s decline in market appeal in recent years, most of us grew-up with this company’s cellphones, and a lot of us have high-hopes for what the Moto X will bring to the market. Will the Moto X amaze us or disappoint? Make sure you join us tomorrow so that we can find out together.

To not miss out on any details of everything that gets announced, simply circle back to this post tomorrow, as we’ll update it with our live stream. Just keep in mind that this will be a closed Hangout to allow us to provide you with all the details of everything that’s happening. Please share your questions or impressions in the comments as we go along and we’ll do our best to go through them during the show.

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