Motorola’s back with a new Moto X – two of them, in fact – and the higher-end Moto X Style (coming to the US as the Moto X Pure Edition) breaks new ground as it pushes the Moto X squarely up into the phablet space. It’s big, it’s heavy, and it’s packed to the brim with the latest hardware. We had the opportunity to go hands-on with this new Moto X at today’s launch event, and brought along one of last year’s models to see how the two compare.

There’s far more than just a bigger screen to the new Moto X Style – and even beyond the increase in resolution and switch to LCD technology, Motorola made a lot of bold hardware decisions for its new flagship’s components. The new camera doesn’t just offer a heck of a lot of additional pixels, but also promises lighting-quick operation and improved color accuracy. And up front, we see the arrival of a rare front-facing flash to augment the selfie-cam’s low-light operation.

Add to that some revised materials options for Moto Maker customization, aggressive pricing, and an interesting approach to US sales, and you’ve got a smartphone that’s serious about not just being the latest member of an important lineage, but also a very interesting handset in its own right. Watch on to see how this new flagship compares to last year’s model.

Adam Z. Lein contributed to this video.

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