Motorola Moto X and HTC One Mini now available on AT&T, LG Optimus G Pro too

The Motorola Moto X might not be the powerhouse you’ve been dreaming about, like, say, the Galaxy S 4, or the HTC One, but it sure is a sweet Android “for the average Joe”, as we concluded in our review. However, the phone always listens to you, and Motorola emphasized more on the experience, rather than on specs. You can grab it from AT&T after paying $199.99 and signing a two-year contract, or $579.99 without one.

The HTC One Mini needs no introduction. It’s the smaller sibling to the flagship and does everything the top of the line HTC does. If you can live with its mediocre camera — the same as the one on the One, but with no image stabilization —  you can have yours from the carrier after paying $99.99 on a two-year contract, or $429.99 without it.

Update: for the same price, $99.99, or $439.99, depending on whether you sign on the dotted line, you can have an LG Optimus G Pro phablet too. In case you find the Note II to be old, and you don’t want to wait for the Note III, you should definitely consider it.

lg-optimus g pro-white-450x350

Source: AT&T (1)(2)(3)

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