As Lenovo continues to make ends meet and turn around its mobile side, here’s a bit of speculation that concerns on how far the Chinese manufacturer may go to cut costs.

hellomotoHK has dropped a list of devices that are expected out from the just-resolved Moto brand in the coming year. Six devices (give a few extra variants or so) will be released and only two of them will have involvement from a diminished Motorola unit. And there’s a lot of give and take as to how to interpret this list — which we can’t independently verify.

In no particular order, Motorola will solely lead the charge on the next modular Moto Z model(s) while it will collaborate with Lenovo to form the next Moto G(s). The Moto X (for real?) gets transferred to Lenovo’s oversight while the Moto M remains in this column. Finally, it seems that the budget Moto E and what might also be a budget-level Moto C are in the pipes and they will come from Lenovo and an ODM.

The Moto E came out of Google-owned Motorola in 2014 as a basic smartphone with basic Android for a basic price. When Lenovo took over the company later that year, the E’s hardware specs have vastly improved. Who knows what might be intended with an ODM introduced into the mix? Financial savings, almost for sure, but will its basic, wide-availability mission be compromised? Will a Moto C supplement this mission?

What will “Motorola” mean in 2017? And how does Lenovo come out of it when we already know what it will arrive into it with? This list does not provide a verifiable crystal ball, but we’ll be collecting and connecting the dots along the way.

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