Moto X 2015 fingerprint scanner hinted by leaked images

Looks like it’s time for the 2015 Moto X to make the headlines and capture our attention with all the leaks, rumors, and reports that are starting to pop up. Recently we’ve seen an alleged image of the device — blurred though — as well as a possible codename for it. Now it looks like there might be more to it as the Moto X 2015 fingerprint scanner gets hinted by a pair of leaked photos.

What you see above and below is allegedly a 2015 Moto X chassis. The pictures by themselves don’t reveal much, as the device, claimed to be this year’s Moto X, is clearly missing a lot of its guts, but what’s interesting is a cutout underneath the camera. That could be a place for a fingerprint scanner, and, while that’s usually the place for the Moto “dimple”, we might — or might not, of course — see a Moto X 2015 fingerprint scanner built into the device, maybe even in its popular “dimple”.

Of course, while remaining skeptical about all this, do let us know whether a fingerprint scanner on the 2015 Moto X is something you’d like to have.

Moto X 2015 Fingerprint scanner

Source: MyDrivers
Via: GforGames

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