With Halloween just weeks away, October understandably has us thinking about all manner of sweet treats, and Motorola got October started for its smartphones by talking Marshmallow: who’s getting it, and what will those updates look like? And while the company confirmed updates for many of its recent models, there were some notable absences. For instance, while Motorola affirmed that Marshmallow would come to the the Pure Edition of last year’s Moto X in the US, it didn’t say squat about any carrier editions; were they being left behind for some reason? Motorola hasn’t officially cleared that up yet, but there’s cause to be hopeful, as some certification updates hint at work on Marshmallow for those very phones.

Instead of the FCC or the Bluetooth SIG, this time we’re checking in with the WiFi Alliance, and recently updated (as of the end of September) paperwork there mentions “Android, version:6” software revisions for models XT1096 and XT1097 – which are the Verizon Moto X and the AT&T Moto X, respectively.

Now, the latter we might have been able to assume, since Motorola already mentioned that Latin America would see Marshmallow come to its 2014 Moto X – and Latin American nations offer that same XT1097 model. But Verizon’s XT1096 is unique to the carrier, and its presence here could be a very strong indication that Marshmallow will indeed come to all carrier variants of the Moto X.

Why not mention them in its earlier statement about updates, then? Well, maybe Motorola wasn’t feeling confident about carriers not getting in the way and delaying things, or threatening to derail update plans entirely – we can’t say. But have faith that things just might work out for those carrier-edition handsets, after all.

Source: WiFi Alliance
Via: Droid Life

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