Moto X 2014 launches in India, priced at Rs. 31,999

Last year’s Moto X had some trouble expanding its availability very much outside of the United States; the existence of a Texas-based Moto Maker plant and the all-American nature of Motorola at the time largely had to do with that. But not too long after the US launch of this year’s Motorola flagship, the Moto X 2014 India launch is upon us.

Motorola is offering up the phone through Flipkart at midnight Indian Standard Time with black, bamboo, and leather backplate options. Moto Maker looks to not be moving to the region for special customizability. The phone will cost Rs. 31,999, which translates to just a bit more than the $500 US asking price for the unlocked model.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Moto X 2014, but are on the fence about it, fear not: we have reviews for you. Be sure you’ve read our extensive written review of the phone and also watched our full review video before you dive into a purchase, just in case you find something about the phone that you just can’t make yourself like.

Any Indian readers out there grabbing this phone in a couple hours? Let us know which model you’re going for.

Source: Flipkart
Via: Android Central

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