Not everyone may agree with the implementation of Motorola’s software skin on the Moto X, but there’s no denying that the fast updates the phone has been receiving to the latest versions of Android are appreciated. The Moto X was one of the first phones to run Lollipop, beating out even some of Google’s Nexus devices, and now it’s vying to be quick to the Android 5.1 party (as we saw with evidence from release notes just a few days back). Today, the company has announced through official channels the start of Moto X 2014 Android 5.1 soak tests – but only in Brazil.

There’s only one major change in terms of Motorola features outside of the standard 5.0.2 to 5.1 leap, and that’s a new “chop twice to trigger flashlight” Moto Action. Basically, “chopping” the phone in the air as you would a vegetable can quickly trigger the flashlight. This is quite similar to the camera trigger that already exists, though that involves a wrist-flick instead.

The soak test has been made available to select Brazilian-region customers, though the rollout will hit other countries and regions as it becomes official soon. Considering those release notes that were previously mentioned are already out, it likely won’t be too long until we hear official word.

Source: Motorola

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