Moto Stereo Speaker Moto Mod comes about at $59.99

Lenovo reportedly has cut the payroll at Motorola again. With that comes the worry from some Moto Mod developers that future modular accessories for the Moto Z series will be less creative and risky.

Cue Motorola’s newest Moto Mod: the Moto Stereo Speaker. If that doesn’t get your goat, you may want to try the Moto Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa or the JBL SoundBoost or the JBL SoundBoost 2.

In any case, the $59.99 speaker has a kickstand (just like the other speakers), but doesn’t come with a separate battery. That means that it’s thinner than other speaker mods, but relies entirely on the power of the phone it’s attached to. It’s “louder audio and richer bass” with less bulk.

Oddly enough, on sale right now are both JBL SoundBoost mods at the magical price of $59.99.

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