Motorola, Lenovo and Verizon’s mission to “transform the smartphone” with the help of third-party developers and engineers is very close to bearing fruit, as two of thirteen pre-selected teams to pitch their Moto Mod concepts and business plans have secured funding.

Technically, the people behind Digiframe and MACAY TrueSound HiFi snap-on accessories still need to meet unspecified criteria, agree to investment terms proposed by Lenovo Capital, and pass a standard due diligence process.

But barring serious legal or mass manufacturing issues, it’s only a matter of time now until the two Moto Z-transforming products receive “up to $1 million” to help them materialize and reach end users, hopefully before 2017 wraps up.

What’s worth pointing out is these two never generated a lot of buzz on Indiegogo. Granted, the MACAY TrueSound HiFi provider of audio input and output for your Moto Z with a digital-to-analog converter and analog-to-digital converter in tow actually hails from the New York hackathon, so far eschewing the crowdfunding phase.

Meanwhile, DigiFrame is a project that merely attracted 17 backers contributing a grand total of $1,299 within the past couple of months. Still, Motorola, Lenovo and Verizon strongly believe there could be solid demand for an “e-paper always-on screen” delivering “information you need at a glance.”

As for Indiegogo stars like that “ultimate” Moto Z Mod candidate with wireless charging, the physical keyboard Mod or Edge Mod, they’re probably on their way to the market as well, having joined a new Moto Mods Accelerator Program, alongside the two aforementioned grand prize winners, and a Solar Z Charger with Battery concept initially presented at a San Francisco hackathon.

All participants will be guided “from start to finish” by engineering and design specialists, and the program’s completion guarantees “eventual distribution at Verizon.” In other words, gear up for an onslaught of next-gen Moto Mods.

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