Motorola announces Moto Maxx (aka Droid Turbo) for Latin America

One week back, the idea of Motorola introducing an alternate version of the Droid Turbo for non-Verizon users really started taking shape. While earlier evidence sure implied the existence of such a handset, last week saw Motorola distribute invitations to an event scheduled for today in Brazil, and the imagery the company chose to use sure suggested that this phone would be a very close relative of the Droid Turbo. Later, leaked photos appeared to reveal the handset in the flesh, dubbed the Moto Maxx. Now Motorola’s stepping up to make the Android official, launching the Moto Maxx for Latin America.

As near as we can tell, this is for all intents and purposes the very same Droid Turbo we saw introduced last month: 5.2-inch quad HD display, quick charging capabilities, 3900mAh battery, ballistic nylon exterior – it’s all here. But while the Droid Turbo is an exclusive to Verizon in the US, the Moto Maxx will find a home in numerous nations.

Up first, to no surprise, is Brazil, whose citizens will be able to buy the Moto Maxx online directly from Motorola as of today. Mexico won’t be far behind, with sales starting in just another week or two, and while neither an exhaustive list nor a formal timetable are yet available, the manufacturer says that additional Latin American nations will get access to the Moto Maxx “soon.”

Brazilians will pay just about 2200 real for the Moto Maxx, which works out to nearly $875 US. While that may seem high, keep in mind that Motorola’s prices in general are a little on the steep side in the nation: the Moto 360 sells in Brazil for what works out to $315, a greater than 25% hike over its US price. We’ve yet to hear anything about pricing for Mexico or other countries the Moto Maxx will spread to.

Update: Look for the Moto Maxx to sell for a hair under 9000 pesos in Mexico – the equivalent of about $660.

Source: Motorola

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