For a series of phones that leaked as heavily as they did, the new Motorola Androids still managed to deliver one decent surprise, as the new Moto X turned out to be two phones: the Moto X Style and the Moto X Play. With the addition of the new Moto G, the three handsets offer shoppers a nice spectrum of performance and feature options, across a range of price points. And this year, Motorola’s welcoming its new family of Moto phones with a special treat, allowing users to customize all three in the Moto Maker.

It used to be that if you wanted the best customization choices for your Motorola, you were stuck with the company’s higher-end offering: sure, the Moto G let you swap cases, but for a full set of color and material options, you needed to turn to the Moto X. With this year’s phones, all three will see a variety of options available to them in Moto Maker.

For the Moto X Style we hear about options like a silicon rubber back, premium Horween leather, and various wood finishes. Users will be able to choose from an assortment of metallic accent colors, and custom engraving will be available.

While the Moto X Play will use Moto G-style replaceable shells, you’ll still find a few ways to really make the phone your own in Moto Maker, like accent colors and optional engraving.

The new Moto G’s Moto Maker options will mirror those of the Moto X Play, with custom accents joined by swappable backs.

Source: Motorola

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