Moto M leaked once again with some specification conflicts

The Moto M will be introduced a week from today and we thought that we had all the leaks we needed to know about it. For one, there was going to be a huge battery. For another thing, the phone would at least come to some areas outside of China.

Well, NowhereElse.Fr‘s Steve Hemmerstoffer has put out another wild leak thanks to a source and he has disclosed specifications, some of which go against what we’ve heard prior to today.

There’s a possibility that some geographic regions will get either a Qualcomm or a MediaTek chipset, but it was believed that the Helio P10 would be used in Moto M units with the latter. Instead, we find that the updated P15 will be used — a minor, but appreciable update to the mid-ranger SoC. But another distinction is the battery: 3,050mAh versus the 5,100mAh we heard before.

Here’s the thing, though: it turns out that the leaked spec placard we believed was for the Moto M is actually for the Lenovo P2. While the 5.5-inch full HD is a shared spec here, we welcome the development of a sure 4GB of RAM. The rest of the spec sheet — the 32GB of storage, the 13- (or 16, depending on which pictures you believe) and 8-megapixel cameras — is pretty okay.

There are plenty of expectations to manage, even for a couple of phones that sound like mid-rangers. We should hope to clear and clarify things as best as we can before these products launch.

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