Affordable Moto G5 launches in beautiful sapphire blue hue, but only on O2 UK

It’s Moto G5 Plus launch day in the US, where the mid-range 5.2-incher has been available for pre-orders for a little while, including in an ad-supported Amazon Prime Exclusive edition with a solid discount. But somewhat surprisingly, the “regular” Moto G5 steals the spotlight, at least temporarily, in a snazzy Sapphire Blue flavor you can only buy from O2 on British shores.

Stateside, of course, the smaller, slightly humbler yet equally elegant (for a budget device) G5 isn’t coming at all, in blue, grey or gold, which may lead to a bit of local envy. Then again, prospective UK-based buyers have to wait a tad longer for the G5 Plus, so things pretty much balance out in the end.

Besides, Lenovo isn’t HTC, and the O2-exclusive G5 employs “sapphire” strictly for cosmetic purposes. No special screen reinforcement, just an eye-catching coat of paint on the phone’s rear and profile, with (relatively thick) black bezels, obviously.

The nation’s second largest carrier (behind EE) charges as little as £19 a month with £0 upfront for the sea-colored Moto G5, promising to deliver the Snapdragon 430-powered handset right away at no extra fee. You also get pre-installed Android 7.0 Nougat software, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, microSD support, 13/5MP cameras, and a sharp 5-inch Full HD screen.

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