Upcoming Moto G5 gets hands-on treatment, Moto G5 Plus rendered for Verizon

You think you already know everything there is to know about Lenovo’s Moto G5 and G5 Plus? That may well be true, but it never hurts to see more of a prospectively compelling low-cost phone (or two) ahead of their official announcements.

Of course, all the buzz around this particular February 26 MWC event has pretty much faded after the whole bean-spilling retailer “incident” last week, and it certainly doesn’t help that the Moto Z-inspired G5 duo will formally break cover on the same day as the LG G6, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and TabPro S2, Huawei P10 and all of Nokia’s new handsets, smart and dumb.

Still, it’s intriguing to check out a fresh trio of hands-on live pics purportedly starring the smaller Moto G5 version, sleek metal body, smooth curves, front-fitted fingerprint reader and all. While far from confirmed, the 5-incher’s average-sized 2800mAh battery is now said to be user-removable and replaceable, unlike the larger cells of the 5.5-inch Moto G4 and G4 Plus.

Another nice surprise should come from Verizon, which only carried the G4 Play last year (worse yet, with prepaid plans exclusively), looking to (also?) pick up the Plus model this time around.

Even better, the Big Red-bound Moto G5 Plus doesn’t appear to incorporate any intrusive operator insignia, but alas, its commercial launch may not go down until April 3, the same (ev-) leaked render suggests.

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