Moto G4 Plus could be company’s first smartphone on Nougat, with soak test underway in Brazil

While the LG V20 has officially become the first non-Google-“made” smartphone to launch pre-loaded with Android 7.0 Nougat both internationally and stateside, the race is still on for which manufacturer can update a Marshmallow-based device before everyone else.

LG looks to be in a good position to also pull off that feat, just like it did last year by very quickly bringing 6.0 goodies to the 5.1-running G4, but Samsung, HTC, Sony and Motorola are no doubt working towards the same goal themselves.

Intriguingly and, well, bizarrely enough, Moto (or rather parent company Lenovo) might be gunning for a build 7.0 rollout on the mid-range G4 Plus ahead of the high-end Z family’s major UI makeover. The two, alongside the standard G4, have recently been confirmed as headed to Nougat “beginning in Q4”, but the Moto G4 Plus is actually the first model reportedly undergoing a soak test as we speak.

The pre-release beta experiment seems limited to a handful of users in Brazil at the moment, though if everything goes smoothly, a wide-scale over-the-air delivery around the world may only be weeks away.

The unfinished Android Nougat goodie pack weighs in at a little under 1GB, also containing October security patches in addition to all your typical, extremely close to stock 7.0 enhancements. How about a round of applause for Motorola? Just one for now.

Source: TechDroider

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