Moto G4 Plus with 64GB storage and 4GB RAM available at substantial discount from B&H

What does Motorola, or rather Lenovo, have to do these days to get budget-conscious US smartphone buyers to even consider last year’s Moto G4 Plus?

Perfectly acceptable from a bang for buck standpoint roughly nine months back, as well as much more recently thanks to a limited-time B&H discount, the Snapdragon 617-powered 5.5-incher is again available at a special price.

Not for long this time either, we presume, though B&H Photo Video says nothing about an expiration date, also promising swift nationwide delivery. You can choose between black and white models with 64GB internal storage space, and pay $179.99 a pop instead of a $300 MSRP.

Of course, the 64 gig Moto G4 Plus has stopped being worth three Benjamins ages ago, but Motorola still charges $269.99, with Amazon only shaving an extra $25 off. The key question however is why pick this oldie over its G5 Plus successor?

Well, if you’re an Amazon Prime member and don’t mind “lockscreen offers and ads”, the $185 Moto G5 Plus is a pretty great bargain. Otherwise, the price goes up to $230, 32GB digital hoarding room provided, not to mention a smaller display some may deem an inconvenience.

Fully compatible with all “major US carriers”, be them GSM or CDMA technology supporters, the Moto G4 Plus features a respectable 5.5-inch Full HD IPS LCD panel, 4GB RAM, 16/5MP cameras, fingerprint sensor and 3000 mAh battery. Not too shabby for $180, regardless of what year it is.

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