Moto G4 Play discounted to $100 outright at B&H, $49 for Verizon prepaid on Amazon

It’s weird, but it seems like we’ve been talking more about the low-cost, low to mid-end Moto G4 Play over the past few months than back when it was commercially launched stateside in the first place.

Now, we’re not necessarily saying the modest 5-incher has aged like a fine bottle of wine, but it’s currently cheaper than ever before, and soon enough, it should even run fresh, sweet Android Nougat. Besides, there’s no clear replacement available in the US, at least not yet, and so you might regret missing out on B&H and Amazon’s latest deals.

The former photo and video-first retailer has the unlocked Moto G4 Play in black or white on sale at $100, down from $150. If that price point sounds familiar, it could be because the same seller ran a similar promotion a couple of months back. This time though, there are no promo codes involved or strings of any sort attached, and we have reason to hope the deal will also last longer.

Meanwhile, Amazon still charges $99.99 for a Prime Exclusive edition with “lockscreen offers” and ads, which is no longer a steal, as well as $49.39 for a Verizon prepaid-only model in black. Now that’s a bargain, considering Big Red’s own “discount” to $84.99.

In addition to Nougat software… eventually, the G4 Play has a respectable 2GB RAM going for it, 16GB internal storage, microSD card slot, 720p screen resolution and Snapdragon 410 processing power.

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