Good news, Moto G4 Play users worldwide: your Nougat update is coming soonish

As the humblest member of the Moto G4 family, the Play model never grabbed people’s attention like its big brothers did. With a fairly lackluster design, no fingerprint reader, 5-inch HD screen, Snapdragon 410 processor and relatively small battery on deck, the ultra-low-cost Android Marshmallow phone understandably went official with minimal fanfare after the standard G4 and G4 Plus.

It also only started selling internationally in August 2016, expanding stateside the following month, including as part of Amazon’s Prime Exclusive program. The e-tailer’s ad-supported instant discount, as well as a number of ensuing Best Buy, Verizon and B&H deals, managed to keep the modest handheld on our radar, but that wasn’t enough to warrant a direct sequel. At least not yet.

Still, Moto G4 Play owners worldwide should rest assured knowing Lenovo’s software engineers haven’t forgotten all about them. That’s right, an official Android Nougat update will begin rolling out “globally” in June, according to a company rep, which isn’t exactly an ideal timeframe, considering the swifter UI makeovers of the other two G4 configurations.

But the risk of being left behind on OS version 6.0 was very much real until just now, so let’s focus on the positive. You need to play the waiting game a while longer, and you’ll probably receive 7.0 goodies a measly couple of months ahead of 8.0’s launch. On the bright side, you definitely have something to look forward to, unlike third-gen Moto G users.

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