Moto G

It’s all too easy to dismiss the extremely low-priced smartphone: surely, it must be unimpressive if it’s so cheap; wouldn’t any serious smartphone shopper just pay a little extra for something more respectable? But for whatever stigma such models may carry with them, there’s one undeniable fact: they sell. They sell like hotcakes. Yesterday we heard the GSMA announce the Lumia 520 as its best low-cost smartphone of the year, and for good reason – despite awesome feature-packed models like the 1020 or 1520, the lowly 520 has emerged as the platform’s best-seller to date. It’s not just Windows Phone that’s reaping the benefits of super-affordable handsets, as Motorola reveals just how well the Moto G is doing.

While we don’t have any hard numbers, at yesterday’s MWC event a Motorola exec described the Moto G as “the most successful, highest-selling smartphone in Motorola’s history.”

Considering that Motorola’s smartphone efforts go back years and years, that’s really saying something, for a new model to take that crown so quickly; the Moto G is barely three months old.

News like this really has us rethinking some of our opinions about those really low-cost upstart platforms, like Firefox OS – we can lament their lowly specs and limited app support all we want, but if pricing is resonating with shoppers much more strongly than any other factor, maybe they’re onto something there.

Source: Motorola
Via: Android Central

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