Don’t panic, the Moto G and E are alive and well, with Lenovo focused on moving them forward

That’s what happens when you use Google Translate on an ample Chinese language interview, and try to read between the lines of the raw end result. You get major misunderstandings, like the one that caused uproar among cash-strapped Android enthusiasts following alleged comments from a Lenovo exec concerning the possible retirement of the uber-successful Moto G and Moto E families.

It turns out that’s not what the company official said, or at least not what he meant, with Lenovo focused on streamlining its far too rich smartphone roster instead of killing off any brand or sub-brand. Moto Gs, Es and Xs are in no immediate danger of extinction, and the same goes for Lenovo Vibes and Lemons.

Moto and Vibe products will co-exist, apparently, and even “overlap in some price points and key geographies, but with different brand identities, features experiences and designs.” That should put speculation of radical aesthetic changes to rest once and for all, also confirming for the most part “Moto by Lenovo” is what Westerners shall be treated to, while Asian audiences are looking at Vibe and Lemon expansions.

It’s just that brand dilution will likely be reduced. No more Moto G Turbo Editions, we presume, no X PlayX StyleX Force “diversity”, and definitely fewer Vibes in the pipeline this year. Sounds like a good, sensible, financial loss-trimming plan, contrary to the previously rumored G and E-slaying strategy that made little to no business and advertising sense.

Sources: The Verge, Droid Life

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