It’s only been a few weeks now since Motorola introduced the latest generation of its Moto G family, offering shoppers an affordable, minimally skinned Android experience. Despite the conservative hardware, we came away from our review feeling quite fond of the new Moto G, and no doubt a few of you have picked the phone up for yourself. Unfortunately, despite everything the phone has going for it, it’s not without a few hiccups, and this week we’re finally seeing acknowledgement of one that’s been plaguing the handset since its debut, as Google admits the new Moto G just isn’t working with Android Auto.

In theory, Android Auto enjoys broad compatibility, and so long as you’re one of the lucky few with an in-dash Android Auto head unit in your car, all you need is a phone running Android Lollipop. Seeing as the new Moto G runs Android 5.1 out of the box, it should be able to interface with Android Auto, no problem – but as users have reported, that’s just not the case, and the Android Auto app spits out an incompatibility error message when run on the smartphone.

The issue doesn’t seem to be affecting 100% of new Moto G users, but it’s clearly causing problems for some, and if we ever doubted the full scope of the glitch, Google’s just confirmed it for us: in its latest Android Auto help guide, Google reports, “Android Auto doesn’t start on the Moto G. We’re working with Motorola on a solution.”

There’s no ETA on just when that might arrive, though, so sit tight for now. Take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone, and that a fix is in the works.

Source: Google
Via: Android Central

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