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There are folks out there who don’t have the time for a ten-minute video or a 4,000-word review, and they certainly don’t have an hour to absorb a meandering podcast (no matter how many awards it’s won). These people might be sneaking a quick YouTube fix on a bathroom break, trying to make a point to a rival smartphone owner at a bar, or even standing in line at a wireless retail store, waiting to make a purchase. They need the facts delivered quickly, with a minimum of window dressing and a firm conclusion in as little time as possible.

For them, we’ve created the 60-Second Review, a minute-long video format made in the spirit of the Pocketnow TLDR. To borrow a well-worn slogan, it’s a review to get you “in, out, and back to life.” And at the end of every episode, we offer a link to the full-length video if you find yourself wanting more.

Motorola calls it the Moto G (3rd generation). We call it the Moto G 2015. Some people call it the Moto G3 … but that’s confusing. Whatever you call it, the newest midrange smartphone out of Motorola is more fully featured than ever before, and its price tag has barely seen a bump. But with competitors bringing higher quality at lower price points more and more often, does Motorola’s best-selling smartphone still have a place in the world? Find out in our Moto G 2015 review, abridged!

Motorola Moto G 2015 review (60-second edition)

Motorola Moto G 2015 review (full)

Still craving more? Check out our full written review of the Moto G 2015, then see how it fares against its more senior sibling in Moto G 2015 vs Moto G 2014! Finally, top it all off with a look at a Moto of a different stripe in our Moto X Style/Pure Edition hands-on!


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