Motorola has pretty much always put its fingerprint sensors on the front side of its Android smartphones since the inception of the Moto Z series. That could change as MySmartPrice has leaked out a render and a stipulation of the future Moto E5: that the sensor could be on the back of the device and take the form of the divot for Motorola’s batwing logo.

One characteristic of Motorola’s design language that dates back to the Moto X series is a slight divot at a central point in the rear of the phone that coincides with the logo, providing a natural resting place for a finger to rest on while the other fingers grip the sides of the device. While the divots have dropped off the entire device portfolio, it seems like the company is bringing it back for the purpose of biometric authentication.

Another interesting aspect of the design as presented is that the full “Motorola” wordmark appears below the display, where the sensor would otherwise be — a stark visual acknowledgement of the full brand since the decision in 2016 by parent company Lenovo to emphasize the shorthand “Moto” moniker.

A final visual cue we’re able to take away is that the rear is bereft of antenna lines with the smooth, tapered metal design getting shown off in gold.

Some disappointing speculation claims that Motorola will retain the micro-USB connection — no USB-C — on the Moto E5 and that the screen will stay with a 16:9 aspect ratio, not 2:1. At least there’s some word that the headphone jack says safe. History indicates that other pieces of the puzzle may vary with regional releases such as the processor and memory configurations.

The Indian publication notes that if the April 3 date printed on the render is held to be the release date, it would only turn out to be a 10-month gap from when the Moto E4 and Moto E4 Plus launched.

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