Moto E4 Plus brings two-day battery to the US this week, unlocked version costs $180

Still having trouble deciding where to purchase the entry-level 5-inch Moto E4 from, considering all the great deals offered by Sprint, MetroPCS, Verizon, Amazon, Republic Wireless, Ting and Motorola itself? Are you maybe looking for a little extra oomph at only a small premium?

Not interested in any of the four new G-series mid-rangers unveiled so far this year due to their big prices or mediocre batteries? At long last, the 5000 mAh cell-packing Moto E4 Plus announced almost two months ago has a clear, official and exciting US release timeline.

First, Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, Fry’s, Newegg and Motorola’s own regional e-store will accept pre-orders for the unlocked model starting this Thursday, August 3. On that same day, you’ll be able to book a Verizon-locked E4 Plus version with prepaid plans from the nation’s largest wireless service provider.

Actual sales across all the aforementioned e-tail channels, as well as physical inventory, shall land on August 11, when Sprint and Ting are also set to join the US availability party. Republic Wireless will be unfashionably late, entering the club three days later, with the timing of an “eventual” Amazon Prime Exclusive release still under wraps.

As far as recommended pricing goes, all we know is the unlocked SKU, with no catches, “lockscreen offers” or other strings attached, shall set you back $180. That’s certainly not too much to ask with a truly massive battery on deck, capable of staying on for up to two days between charges. The fittingly large 5.5-inch display isn’t exactly impressive, at 720p resolution, but you do get Android 7.1 software, fingerprint recognition and a decent 13MP rear-facing camera too.

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