The Pebble Steel, first shown off at CES in January, was thought by many to be the best looking smartwatch to date. Anton and I swooned over the stainless brushed steel and matte black finishes in our pre-brief in Las Vegas. It was exactly what the budding smartwatch industry needed – serious hardware to run the increasingly useful software.

Pebble’s stainless steel smartwatch didn’t hold the spotlight for long, however. When Google announced Android Wear in March, Motorola came out and teased something that caught everyone’s attention: a smartwatch with a circular display in full, vibrant colors.

That teaser later manifested as the Moto 360, officially announced and released in Chicago at the beginning of the month. This is the first Android Wear watch with seriously gorgeous hardware, the first Android Wear watch with a luxurious design.

Our own Michael Fisher has already put Android Wear and Pebble OS together in a comprehensive and succinct comparison video, which you can find here.

What we’ve been interested in finding out since Android Wear was announced, however, is how Pebble’s high-end Steel watch compares to Motorola’s circular Android Wear watch. Well, we’ve put together a nice and detailed comparison for you in the video below. Check it out and tell us which one you prefer in the comments!

(Spoiler: it’s not the landslide victory we would have predicted back in March.)

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