Smartwatch sales in general and Android Wear device demand in particular are still not as hot as analysts optimistically forecasted back in the day, with the vast majority of smartphone users simply not convinced of the wearables’ utility.

On the bright side, if you’re at least willing to experiment, you can currently do so by paying less than ever before on the best hardware the fledgling market has to offer. Apple Watches are relatively affordable (by iStandards), Gear S2 deals should start to pile up soon with the S3 around the corner, and the Motorola Moto 360 Sport only costs two Benjamins for a limited time.

The promo has expanded from Amazon and Best Buy to the manufacturer’s own US e-store, where it’s supposed to last until May 2, while B&H Photo Video does what it knows best. Namely, it eclipses all other third-party retailers in terms of generosity, selling white and flame models of the outdoorsy timepiece at $200 a pop, with $50 gift cards further bundled in.

That’s right, you can basically grab the Moto 360 Sport now at half off, though of course, the B&H coupons are only good on future purchases. Meanwhile, the same electronics merchant charges a measly $99.95 for the Asus ZenWatch if you’d rather buy something more classically handsome or a Benjamin is all you’re willing to spend.

The ZenWatch was discounted from $150 to $100 by several retailers a couple of months ago, but it’s back up at $130+ on Amazon and Best Buy.

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