Moto 360 Sport price dips to $140 at Amazon and Best Buy, but likely not for long

What better time to shop for first or, preferably, second-gen Android Wear devices than now that we know the third wave isn’t coming as soon as you may have it thought?

There are exceptions, of course, like the Asus ZenWatch 3, plus alternatives running other operating systems, including some still supporting Android phones. But for the most part, they’re overpriced, and lack compelling selling points or killer features not integrated on, say, the super-affordable Moto 360 Sport.

We’re not talking about Lenovo’s sporty circular smartwatch by chance, as a duo of trusted third-party retailers have just decided $100 discounts aren’t enough to keep it in the limelight. So, you now get $160 off list prices through Amazon and Best Buy.

You may want to hurry though, especially if black is your favorite color, that particular Moto 360 Sport model already taking a whopping 1 to 2 months to ship from Amazon. Best Buy seems to currently hold plentiful inventory of the exact same variant, but there’s no telling for how long. Or when might the $140 tag go back up to $200, or at least closer to that mark.

The snazzy flame flavor is even cheaper (by a full dollar), on Amazon, with relatively limited stock, while the white costs $150. Sweet deals all-around!

Sources: Amazon, Best Buy

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