Late last week brought us a couple interesting developments in the Moto 360’s slow march to retail availability. We had that invite to Motorola’s September 4 event, with a graphic of a round watch that sure seemed to be a Moto 360 reference to us, and then that news that Google was finally getting ready to send out long overdue Moto 360s to Google I/O attendees – and between the two of them, we started feeling more confident that the 360 could go up for sale in early September, rather than much later in the month. Over the weekend we picked up some new evidence towards this “360 is nearly here” theory, with Best Buy caught running a product page for Motorola’s smartwatch.

Even though Best Buy’s listing is now down, and you couldn’t even place an order when it was up, it did manage to reveal one key detail we’ve been looking for: a price tag. While not necessarily an official MSRP, the page gave the 360’s price as just about $250. Considering the appeal of the 360 over other Android Wear devices, we were concerned that figure might be even higher, especially with the LG G Watch already going for $230.

The page also offered some insight into 360 specs, and some of what it had to reveal was pretty interesting. That includes mention of a 320 x 290 screen resolution; it’s hard enough to describe a circular display in terms of columns and rows of pixels, but shouldn’t those X and Y counts be the same? Or is that the impact of that not-quite-screen sliver at the bottom of the watch’s face? The watch’s construction is also given as stainless steel with a plastic base, while recent leaked pics we checked out seemed to suggest nearly the opposite.

In any case, seeing Best Buy so eager to get its 360 page up could well point to plans to get sales underway in just another couple weeks.

Source: Best Buy (down)
Via: Droid Life

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