Last week brought us no shortage of new hardware, as we got started on what promises to be a month full of some of the most anticipated launches of the year. And while that meant a nice assortment of compelling new smartwatches, few have been able to demand level of interest we’ve seen surrounding Motorola and its second-gen Moto 360. We brought you an early hands-on account of the wearable right when it was first announced, but in the time since we’ve had a chance to go back and give the new smartwatch a second look, this time comparing the updated wearable to the original 2014 model.

Motorola’s design decisions that led us to the new Moto 360 may be some of the most controversial in recent memory – at least, a whole lot of shoppers seem to have strong opinions about what Motorola did (and didn’t) do here, and beyond the choice to retain the familiar “flat tire” display, not everyone’s a fan of the newly exposed strap lugs.

Then again, the new Moto 360 is about more than just aesthetics, and we’re also looking at some very real improvements to the smartwatch’s hardware, from the silicon powering it to a higher quality display. Watch on to get the rest of our hands-on comparison between the old and new Moto 360:

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