Believe it or not, it seems that Lenovo daughter company Motorola has recently taken the wraps off its next generation of smartphone-transforming Moto Mods at a low-key press event in Ghana.

Yes, Ghana, the world’s 80th largest country by area and Africa’s 13th most populous nation. Technically however, only one new and fairly exciting pogo pin-connecting Moto Z accessory was showcased in commercial form, the rest merely making cameo appearances in a concept video of sorts.

Thus, we can probably assume the Moto 360 Camera Mod is coming to stores worldwide before long, followed by the others later on… or not. Confusingly branded to sound like a defunct smartwatch family, the 360-degree cam obviously takes after the world’s smallest such product, unveiled a month ago by Andy Rubin’s Essential, in functionality.

Alas, all the technical details remain under wraps, though at first glance, we’re not so impressed with this design compared to the super-subtle Essential 360 camera costing early PH-1 adopters just 50 bucks on top of the handset’s $700 value.

If they come to light soon enough, and are properly executed, the DSLR, Studio, Action and ROKR Mod could easily steal the spotlight, catering to shutterbugs and audiophiles with everything from a dedicated professional camera lens to a Marshall-branded microphone, rotating shooter and top-notch speaker. There’s also a DTV Mod in development, apparently, which may somehow deliver DirecTV broadcast satellite service without an internet connection… or something. Still no tablet dock? That’s a bummer.

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