Unlike its rival Huawei, Motorola didn’t necessarily strive to redefine product presentation with its new smartwatch – but that doesn’t mean it skimped. The Moto 360 2nd Generation unboxing experience is a rich one, its cylindrical retail container featuring the Moto 360 front and center under a glossy plastic dome, braced with packing material that also snugly accommodates a wall plug and an included wireless charging pedestal. It’s a very sharp, very smart box that should also catch some eyes as it sits on store shelves.

But you didn’t click all this way to talk about packaging. Join us as we dive past a mere Moto 360 2nd Gen unboxing to our first wrist-on experience. We pair the new Moto 360 with a OnePlus 2, put it side-by-side with its predecessors and its competitors, and try out the nifty color-shifting charging mode … and we talk a little about lugs, as well.

With the new iPhones due to land on our doorstep this week, it’s bound to be a little while before we’re able to circle back around for a full Moto 360 2nd Gen review … so leave us your comments below. We want to know what you want to know about Motorola’s newest smartwatch – and if you want to put your questions to us face-to-face, join us for the next Pocketnow Weekly podcast where we’ll be wearing the new 360 live on the air!

Motorola Moto 360 2nd Gen unboxing

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