Two very attractive Moto 360 (2nd gen) models are deeply discounted in refurb condition

Third-generation Moto 360 rumors are surprisingly thin on the ground still, despite almost a year having passed since the original 2014-released circular smartwatch was refreshed and expanded in size and style options.

It’s probably not too big of a stretch therefore to speculate Lenovo might take its time before unveiling a sequel for the Moto 360 2015, similar to how the Apple Watch 2 (or S) will likely see daylight 18 months or so after its predecessor.

Premium wearables are still nowhere near as popular as smartphones, so in a way, it makes sense for them to get in on longer upgrade cycles. Besides, the second-gen Moto 360, as well as the Huawei Watch, have their special places in the limelight these days, courtesy of their most compelling deals and deepest discounts to date.

Case in point, Daily Steals charges just $150 and $165 for refurbished flavors of the former in black, with matching black leather and black metal bands respectively. The two’s list prices are a whopping $300 and $400, with markdowns on brand-new versions almost nonexistent even at typically generous e-tailers like Amazon. Worried about the refurb aspect? Don’t be, since you’re promised “excellent condition”, the “highest grade” cosmetic and functional quality, as well as “professional” restoration to manufacturer specifications.

Source: DailySteals

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