Almost a full year after its commercial launch, and roughly 18 months following a formal announcement that coincided with Android Wear’s very debut, the Motorola Moto 360 has finally stopped selling. That’s not good news per se, especially given the watch’s recently discounted price, but it makes it clear once and for all a sequel is right around the corner.

Of course, several tipsters already made sure we knew the 2015 Moto 360 edition was coming, and a slew of unauthorized pictures paraded the circular timepiece out in the wild. Now, we get to look at both rumored sizes of the wearable device, coated in black and silver, with matching leather and metal bands.

Since these are high-quality press renders, you shouldn’t be surprised to notice the controversial “flat tire” is barely noticeable, which drew a lot of criticism last year. Intended to bear the ambient light sensor and allow for slimmer bezels, the black stripe underneath the actual screen is here to stay, and Motorola will continue to do whatever possible to minimize its impact on the otherwise stylish design.

Two aesthetical alterations that were easy to observe in previously leaked photos and are further showcased by today’s renders include a new way to connect the watch body to its various straps, and the physical button’s relocation to the two o’clock spot.

Overall, the second-generation and original Moto 360 look extremely similar on the outside, and it remains to be seen exactly what under-the-hood upgrades are in the pipeline.

Source: Twitter

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