Mostly-glass 2017 iPhone tipped to also include forged stainless steel frame

ssThe iPhone 8 is coming later this year. No, it’s the iPhone 7s. No, it’s both. Three of them, even, with either OLED screens across the board, or a blend of LCD and OLED panel technology from various suppliers.

An all-glass construction is in the cards for the higher-end model, also expected to integrate a bunch of other cutting-edge and outright experimental features. No, it’s still partly glass, but with less aluminum than previous generations. Wait, now it’s full glass again, and across all 2017 iPhone 8 versions. Or is it?

Well, not according to the latest Digitimes report, based as always on hit-and-miss supply chain sources. The Taiwanese publication’s tipsters agree with those before them that the unnamed “next-generation iPhone” will probably “abandon its conventional aluminum back cover”, adopting a new design “using two reinforced glass panes and a metal frame in the middle.”

So, technically, not an all-glass device, but very “premium”-sounding nonetheless, revised to include a metal bezel made of stainless steel through a “forging process” meant to enhance sturdiness, as well as reduce costs and manufacturing time. Sounds like a win-win-win, though we still have to check out at least a few prototypes in the flesh to make sure all the above isn’t just marketing propaganda with little real-world benefit and palpable progress.

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