The iPhone 6s was the most Googled gadget in 2015, Apple Watch ranked third

The world became a better place in many different ways this year, as the US Supreme Court recognized the legality of same-sex marriage, NASA discovered water on Mars, and the vast majority of people online responded heartwarmingly to Europe’s refugee crisis.

Meanwhile, a number of bad things also shaped Google’s 2015 search history, including the Paris terrorist attacks, Volkswagen emissions scandal, and several recurring American mass shooting tragedies.

But some things never change, and to the outrage of dedicated Android zealots, Apple’s popularity didn’t wane over the past 12 months. Quite on the contrary, as the newest iPhone model followed in the footsteps of its predecessor, dominating the consumer tech ranks of Google’s Year in Search recap, with the Apple Watch snatching the bronze medal, and the iPad Pro surprisingly sitting in fourth place.

Who spoiled Cupertino’s trifecta? Why, the Samsung Galaxy S6, of course, which carried on the Galaxy S5’s silver decoration from 2014. The LG G4 followed the iPad Pro in fifth, gaining a spot compared to the G3, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy J5 (?!), HTC One M9, Nexus 6P, and Surface Pro 4 wrapped up the year’s top ten.

It’s worth pointing out the Apple Watch was ranked eight last year, before even seeing daylight, with the Moto G perhaps the most notable omission of the 2015 chart, after an impressive number four feat the previous year.

Outside of the consumer tech spectrum, we should mention Lamar Odom was the overall most searched “term” on a global scale, ahead of Charlie Hebdo, (?), Jurassic World, Paris, Furious 7, Fallout 4, Ronda Rousey, Caitlyn Jenner, and American Sniper. For more insight into the world’s search habits, as well as regional categories like the most popular types of beer, celebrity pregnancies, dog questions, memes, and selfies in the US, check out the link below.

Source: Google Trends

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