Katy Huberty, veteran Apple analyst at Morgan Stanley, has run a few models on what Apple’s bottom line will be if it decides to put certain iPhone models this fall at certain starting prices.

According to a note obtained by MarketWatch, Huberty sees the most likely outcomes for a 5.8-inch OLED model to start at $899, or $100 less than this year’s similarly-sized iPhone X. She also expects a larger 6.5-inch OLED variant to start at the $999 mark.

However, as those two devices are expected to take the minority share of new model sales compared to a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone, it may all come down to where this one will be priced at. Huberty has set out price points between $699 and $769 — keep in mind that with all of these devices that there will be costlier SKUs available.

Based on the above factors, the analyst forecasts the average selling price of an iPhone will range between a 2 percent decline to 2 percent growth during Apple’s next fiscal year — for the year 2016-17, ASP was at $651.97, and it’s expected to skyrocket thanks to the iPhone X for the current 2017-18 year.

That said, bumping the OLED iPhones to $999 and $1,099 starting prices, respectively, and maxing out the LCD iPhone at $799 would bring a 7.2 percent jump in average sales prices, but Huberty doesn’t say anything about what unit sales could do.

TF International’s Ming-chi Kuo recently settled on a $600-level range.

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