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We heard about a couple of updates yesterday that were to target Androids on Sprint: Samsung’s Epic 4G and Epic 4G Touch. Today we get to learn a little more about what’s in store for the Epic 4G, as well as learn about two more Sprint Androids getting updates, the HTC EVO 4G and EVO Design 4G.

The rumor was that the Epic 4G would lose some bloatware and get an audio fix. That much has now been confirmed (the QIK and Asphalt 5 apps are the ones getting the boot), along with mention of a security update. This security fix is a common feature of all three of these updates we’re discussing today, and based on Sprint’s recent activity, it’s likely that all of them are targeting the removal of Carrier IQ software.

Changes coming to the HTC EVO 4G sound like a repeat of those that hit the EVO 3D earlier this month. Besides the security update, there are some power management changes that should lead to somewhat-increased battery life, and an update for Peep.

The EVO Design 4G is on the receiving end of all those EVO 4G changes, as well as some of its own. Those extras specific to it are pretty minor, though, including an update to Sprint Zone and some behind-the-scenes changes to enterprise support.

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Via: Android Police

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