More Rumors About the Next iPhone and its Four-Inch Screen

Yesterday we heard rumors about the new iPhoneand this by itself is nothing out of the ordinary for those who follow tech news on a regular basis. The Wall Street Journal cited anonymous sources that claimed knowledge of a larger-than-four-inch screen on the upcoming Apple smartphone, believed to be the iPhone 5.

Now Reuters is weighing in on the matter citing its own anonymous sources. According to them, the screen on the upcoming iPhone “will measure 4 inches from corner to corner”. Surely they meant from one corner to the opposite corner on the opposite side, as in diagonal, because if not, the new iPhone will probably have an even larger screen but smaller than four inches in diagonal if measured from corner to the opposite corner on the same side. Reuters also mentions that the early production of the displays has already begun at three suppliers: Korea’s LG Display Co Ltd, Sharp Corp and Japan Display Inc.

Reuters reports that all three companies are likely to receive production orders as soon as July, with a possible phone production start of August. Of course, wishful thinking has always played an important part in iPhone rumors but with both the Wall Street Journal and Reuters agreeing on a larger iPhone screen, there surely needs to be some fire somewhere with all this smoke.

Source: Reuters
Via: PhoneArena

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