o_o returns: more Pixel 3 XL leaks from Toronto

Torontonians riding the TTC in the past several days may have been weirded out by a certain guy with a certain phone with a certain notch on it. It’s not an iPhone X, no, it’s something far more mysterious.

Last week, we saw a photo — passed onto MobileSyrup — of what was claimed to be the Pixel 3 XL being held in the very capable hands of someone who was in intense conversation through WhatsApp. This time around, we see two more photos taken aboard what’s known as the “red rocket.” The phone looks to be the same, the hands are the same, the black computer case looks to be as such and so is WhatsApp.

The notch is just as apparent as before, but this time around, we also get a look at the rear and that trademark Pixel design: glass encasing the camera module in the top quarter of the surface with matte black polycarbonate covering the rest. The hand holding the device obscures any marking the device may have — we know that Google has implemented a “fake” logo to indicate certain units are for prototyping or testing purposes only.

Oddly enough, a Canadian source has tipped off the phone’s launch to be on October 4.

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