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More on Windows Mobile 7 Photon

By Brandon Miniman February 19, 2010, 9:50 pm

We’re trying to fit the pieces together of what once was the real Windows Mobile 7, or Photon as it’s best known. In case you missed it, check out Thoughts on Windows Phone 7 Series (BTW: Photon is Dead). In that article, I speculated about the timeline of the real Windows Mobile 7 and when it was scrapped at Microsoft. Some new screenshots from XDA reveal a very early look at Photon that are congruent with screenshots of Windows Mobile 7 beta we showed you earlier this month. According to freyberry from XDA, Photon was killed about 18 months ago, which brings us back to September of 2008. That is when development of Windows Phone 7 Series began. The new operating system being so young explains why Microsoft is not yet finished with it.

Below are some additional screenshots of Windows Mobile 7 beta, which we think was the precursor to the more modern version of Photon that we’ve seen (like the above). Also, take a look at this YouTube video.

(via: wmpu and XDA)

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