More Nokia Windows Phones Shown In Video; Leak or Fake?

We all know and expect the Nokia SeaRay Windows Phone to hit the market already and bring us some Finnish hardware goodness along with the sweet juice of Mango but what else does Nokia have up in its sleeve? We know the SeaRay is only one of Nokia’s prototypes and plans for Windows Phone and today we can see some more.

Here’s the story: the video below is an alleged “Nokia-Microsoft” video MyNokiaBlog received from a tipster using an e-mail address but claiming to be from Microsoft. It appears to be a mix of two videos: one showing off some (so far) unknown Nokia Windows Phones and one being the Microsoft Office Labs Productivity Future Vision. It has been captured while being played back on Windows Media Player.


Now let’s get to the juicy part: We’ve got two phones about which we know absolutely nothing. The one below seems to be the phone which was “leaked” just after the Nokia-Microsoft announcement but the others seem to be so far unseen. The other one appears to be coming in different colors (maybe inter-changeable battery covers) but interestingly, it appears to have the same button layout as the SeaRay: all the buttons on the left (volume up, down, power and camera).


You can also notice the ovi Tile on the screen along with the Nokia Clock Tile which was subject to many fan-related mock-ups and concepts and what appears to be an ovi Maps Tile. While these phones definitely look good (different), they might be faked (or they might just be real and leaked). What do you think?

Source: YouTube, MyNokiaBlog

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